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Our Services

  • Accounting Consultancy outsoucing
    • Accounts Management
    • Re-Engineering of Stock Procedures
    • Ccmpuuterized Accounting Sytems
      • Systems Set Up
      • Purchasing and Procurement Systems
      • Reservations and Booking Systems
      • Cash Management Systems
      • Payroll and Human Resource Systems
      • Information and Reporting Systems
    • Tax Compliance Facilitation
    • Accounting Consultancy
      • Bookkeeping and books of original entry
      • Accounts Receivable
      • Accounts Payables
      • Asset Management
      • Business Taxes
      • Financial Statements
      • Payrolls and Payroll related Taxes
      • Investments analysis and capital returns
      • Budgeting and Budget Control
      • Internal Auditing
      • External Auditing end of year
  • IT consultancy outsourcing
    • IT Strategy and Governance
    • IT Service Management and Operation
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Enterprise VoIP
    • LAN/WAN Design
    • Website Designing/Hosting
    • Project Management
  • Softwares support and development
  • Online Business/E-Business Support

3G Direct Pay

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