About us

Mass Global Investment Ltd is registered as a general company, with current license to operate as a general trader and consultancy firm. Mass Global Investment Ltd offices are located at the Head Office of Zanzibar Insurance Cooperation building, third floor. We currently have our main focus in Account Consultancy/Management, Specializing for tourism and Hospitality Industry, organizations and businesses.

Our main focus is Investment Management, Accounting Management, Auditing Facilitation, Tax Compliance Facilitation, Company Set Ups and Administrative and System Management. In addition to our product development we are in the process of Incorporating IT/ICT and Online product marketing onto our final product offering.

Working with Mass Global investment Ltd, is working with experienced professional advisers who understand your value; fit seamlessly into your working culture; obtain an in-depth understanding of your business; and provide integrated and holistic business solutions that enable you to progress with a clear, confident vision of the future.